(Zhytomyr Regional Museum of Culture and Traditions)
Tallit gadol (large talles) is an element of prayer garment of religious Jews.
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Tallit (or talles) gadol is a ritual garment of pious Jews and is made of white wool cloth as a rectangular curtain with woven black bars of different widths at the edges and tsitsit tassels on the four corners. On the top of tallit there is a longitudinal strip of material embroidered with gold threads that is called atarah and serves for distinction of the upper and outer part of tallit from the lower and internal part.
Museum / institution
Zhytomyr Regional Museum of Culture and Traditions
Inventory number in the institution
КП 3902 ІІІ Т 3492
History, source, type and date of acquisition
Given by T.M. Treibman, the representative of the synagogue in Zhytomyr.
Production period
handicraft, needlework
Technique, comment
Factory production.
Religious holiday / lifecycle
for religious use
Religious holiday / lifecycle, comment
Tallit wearing is the performing of the Torah commandment of symbolizes the submission to the will of the Almighty. According to Ashkenazim custom the married men wear tallit during morning prayers, and in the Sephardic custom men wear tallit just after bar and bat mitzvah (adulthood). Jewish men wear tallit every day except for Tisha B'Av and Yom Kippur.
the beginning of XIX - end of XIX
Dimensions, cm
width: 130.00, length: 165.00
Preservation condition
Description of the preservation condition
Abrasions, multiple patches, sometimes gaps, damaged golden embroidery, large gap around the perimeter of one of the sides (botched).
Restoration is recommended.
Current location
in storage