Hanukkah lamp

(Yavornytsky Dnipropetrovsk National History Museum)

Hanukkah Menorah is a special candelabrum whose candles are lit up during the eight-day holiday of Hanukkah.

Museum / institution
Yavornytsky Dnipropetrovsk National History Museum
Inventory number in the institution
КП-36293 / К-1764
Author, place of production
the Firm "Norblin Ko"; Warsaw
History, source, type and date of acquisition
Chanukia came to the Museum, probably in the 1930 – 1941, recorded in inventory book 1948
Production period
engraving, repoussage and chasing, casting, gilded, silvered
Religious holiday / lifecycle
Religious holiday / lifecycle, comment
On the first day of the holiday of Hanukkah the wick of shamash and of the first candle on the right side are lit up with a special blessings. One more candle is lit up on each of the following days of the holiday of Hanukkah, till all the 9 candles will be burning on the eighth day of the holiday.
the beginning of XIX - end of XIX
Dimensions, cm
width: 28.00, height: 22.00, length: 7.00
Preservation condition
Description of the preservation condition
Minor scratches and scrapes
Restoration is recommended.
Current location
in storage