Machzor for Rosh Hashana

(Faina Petryakova Memorial Museum in Lviv)
Machzor (prayer book) for Rosh Hashana.
Mahzor on Rosh Ha Shana #1
Mahzor on Rosh Ha Shana #2
Mahzor on Rosh Ha Shana #3
Mahzor on Rosh Ha Shana #4
Machzor "Rav Pninim" (in translation from Hebrew "Scattering of pearls") is a collection of prayers in Hebrew for Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) holiday. Prayer is arranged according to the nusach sfarad which is common for Hasidim of the Eastern Europe and with the spread of the Hasidic movement for most ashkenazi Jews. The book is put in the cover made of dark green cardboard with mesh pattern. Machzor is published in Hebrew in the city of Przemysl in 5675 according to the Jewish calendar (1914-1915).
Museum / institution
Faina Petryakova Memorial Museum in Lviv
Inventory number in the institution
№ 6212 F.P. Cт.Д № 9. Інвентарна книга № 7. Рідкісна книга.
History, source, type and date of acquisition
From the private collection of Faina Petryakova, a well-known art critic. Added to the collection in 2002.
Production period
Religious holiday / lifecycle
Rosh Hashanah
Religious holiday / lifecycle, comment
In the machzor there are the texts of prayers for the two holidays, the order of the Torah and haftarah reading during the morning prayer of Rosh Hashanah, the procedure of priestly blessing, the order of tashlich ceremony, the blessing before and after meals.
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cardboard, paper
Dimensions, cm
width: 15.00, height: 2.00, length: 22.00
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rubbing of the cover
Restoration is recommended.
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