Jewish prayer book

(Faina Petryakova Memorial Museum in Lviv)

The book "Jewish prayer book in the first translation to Russian by Gurvich O. Ya.".

Jewish prayer book #4
Jewish prayer book #1
Jewish prayer book #2
Jewish prayer book #3

Jewish prayer book (siddur)  in the cardboard with artificial leather cover. lederynovoyu covered with cloth. Pages are divided into two parts. There is a text in Hebrew on the left and in Old Russian in the translation of O. Ya. Gurvich on the right. Jewish prayer book is published in a printhouse of Fick, Rosenkranz and Shriftzettser in Vilna and is the fifth re-issue from the prayer book of 1855. 

Museum / institution
Faina Petryakova Memorial Museum in Lviv
Inventory number in the institution
№ 3678 F.P. РЛ № 60 інвентарна книга № 5
Author, place of production
The first Russian translation OJ Gurvich. Publisher Fina, Rosencrantz and Shryftzettsera. m. Vilna (Vilnius)
History, source, type and date of acquisition
From the private collection of Faina Petryakova, a well-known art critic. Added to the collection in 2008.
Production period
Religious holiday / lifecycle
daily religious use
Religious holiday / lifecycle, comment
In the prayer book there are the basic Jewish prayers that are read on weekdays, Shabbat and holidays (Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Pesach, Shavuot, Sukkot). Also in the prayer book there are the texts of blessings - morning blessings, blessings related to meals, candle lighting, circumcision, wedding, redemption of firstborn, the bedtime prayers.
end of XIX - end of XIX
cardboard, leathering, paper
Dimensions, cm
width: 12.00, height: 4.00, length: 19.00
Preservation condition
Requires immediate restoration.
Current location
in storage