The book "Shirei hanefesh"

(Rivne Regional Museum of Culture and Traditions)
The book "Shirei hanefesh" ("Songs of the soul, or comments to the book "Song of Songs" composed by M.L. Molbim".
Shirey Hanyshef #7
Shirey Hanyshef #8
Shirey Hanyshef #6
Shirey Hanyshef #4
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The book "Shirei Hanefesh" ("Songs of the Soul") includes the text of "Shir HaShirim" ("Song of Songs") with commentaries in Hebrew. The book includes 64 pages and was ordered by Meir Levush Malbim. The text of the book "Shir HaShirim" which is the part of Ketuvim (Writings) of Tanakh is written in larger font. The book is in a brown cover made of cardboard faced by cloth, the pages are thread sewn, the text of the front page  in art-decorated frame.

Museum / institution
Rivne Regional Museum of Culture and Traditions
Inventory number in the institution
РОКМ КН 10399 ІІІ Д 6436
History, source, type and date of acquisition
Reprinted from Koenigsberg edition of 1863. Тransmitted to the museum by Dolya Olexandr Valentynovych in 1979.
Production period
Religious holiday / lifecycle
Religious holiday / lifecycle, comment
The book is used as a collection of Jewish wedding songs without a plot, or in another version, this is cabbalistic work that describes love of Almighty to Jews, or this is a poem about the love of King Shlomo love to the girl Shulamit. Traditionally, the authorship of the book "Shir HaShirim" is attributed to King Shlomo.
middle of XIX - end of XIX
thread, paper, canvas
Dimensions, cm
width: 12.50, length: 19.80
Preservation condition
Description of the preservation condition
Pages strained, yellowed, stained, cover damaged, separate pages fall out, cover worn.
Requires immediate restoration.
Current location
in storage