Hagaddah shel Pesach

(Faina Petryakova Memorial Museum in Lviv)

Haggadah shel Pesach is the book that is read during the Passover seder.

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The book has 30 pages with black and white pictures with the text of the story about the Jewish Exodus from Egypt in Hebrew with comments of "Mishley Yaakov" ("Proverbs of Jacob") and "Sipurey yitsiyat Mizraim" ("The stories about Exodus from Egypt"). On the 4th page of the book the picture depicts the Easter table at the beginning of seder, where all the family gathered, and on the 7th page the picture shows the table and four children that ask questions about Passover to their father that is described in detail in the text of the Haggadah below.

Museum / institution
Faina Petryakova Memorial Museum in Lviv
Inventory number in the institution
№ 3679 РЛ № 61 Інвентарна книга №5. Рідкісна книга.
Author, place of production
History, source, type and date of acquisition
From the private collection of Faina Petryakova, a well-known art critic. Added to the collection in 2002.
Production period
Religious holiday / lifecycle
Pesach (Passover)
Religious holiday / lifecycle, comment
The book contains the texts of the story on Exodus of the Jews from Egypt and the necessary prayers and blessings for seder in the evening 15th and 16th of nisan on the 1st and the 2nd days of Pesach, respectively. Before each participant of the meal before the seder Haggadah is placed. The most important part of the Haggadah is the reminder about four commandments of the first night of Pesach: Passover sacrifice, matzo and maror, and also about the commandment to tell about the Exodus from Egypt on the first two nights of Passover.
end of XIX - the beginning of XX
Dimensions, cm
width: 12.00, height: 0.30, length: 15.00
Preservation condition
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yellowed paper, the pages and the cover are worn, the corners are torn
Requires immediate restoration.
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on display
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It should be glued.