Fragment of Torah scroll, the book "Bemidbar"

(Khudiakova Oleksandriya Museum of Culture and Traditions)
Fragment of Torah ("Law of Moses", "Pentateuch of Moses") scroll.
Torah #2
Torah #1
Torah #3
Torah #4
Torah #5
Torah #6
Torah #7
Torah scroll fragment consists of three interconnected sheets of parchment. The fragment contains an excerpt from the book "Bemidbar", from the weekly portion "Pinchas". The fragment of a scroll contains five columns of the text written on parchment in 42 lines in Hebrew.
Museum / institution
Khudiakova Oleksandriya Museum of Culture and Traditions
Inventory number in the institution
№ ОКМ 16426
History, source, type and date of acquisition
Transferred to the museum by the family from Olexandria who found the Torah scroll during the destruction the building in the mid 90's of the 20th century.
Production period
Technique, comment
Torah scroll is written from left to right on the parchment from a kosher animal skin with special black indelible ink using quill pen. The distance between the columns of the text of the scroll is 9 Hebrew letters in the width.
Religious holiday / lifecycle
for religious use
Religious holiday / lifecycle, comment
Torah scroll is used for a public Torah reading in the synagogue.
middle of XIX - the beginning of XX
parchment, ink
Dimensions, cm
width: 43.00, length: 202.00
Preservation condition
Restoration is recommended.
Current location
on display