Fragment of "The Esther Scroll"

(Zhytomyr Regional Museum of Culture and Traditions)
Scroll of the book "Megillat Esther", the beginning of the text.
Esther #1
Esther #4
Esther #2
Esther #3
Esther #5
A fragment of scroll "Megillat Esther" contains four columns of text in Hebrew on the parchment.
Museum / institution
Zhytomyr Regional Museum of Culture and Traditions
Inventory number in the institution
ЖКМ КП 6565//3 І кн/ст 610
Author, place of production
Production period
Technique, comment
Text is written by sofer with indelible black ink on the parchment made of skin of kosher animal.
Religious holiday / lifecycle
Religious holiday / lifecycle, comment
During the Jewish holiday Purim there is the commandment twice read and listen to the text of "The Esther scroll" with the blessings before and after reading. The text of "Megillat Esther" is a section of the part "Ketuvim" of the Tanakh and is written by an unknown author in a few centuries after the fall of the Persian Empire.
the beginning of XVIII - end of XVIII
parchment, ink
Dimensions, cm
width: 44.00, length: 77.50
Preservation condition
Description of the preservation condition
Splotches, rubbing, stains, punctures and gaps on the edge of parchment, the parchment warped.
Restoration is recommended.
Current location
in storage