Message from the January 18, 2015

2015-01-29 13:54


January 18, 2015

Dear friends and colleagues,

We are applying to you with the urgent problem of systematization of the unique scientific legacy of professor, doctor of arts Faina Petryakova. This legacy consists of documents, essays, notes, Ukrainian glass art photographs, porcelain, ceramics, weaving and Galician Judaic. Her manuscript dedicated to the collector of Lviv Maximilian Goldstein is to be published soon. We are looking for professional scientists, post-graduate students willing to work in Lviv Center Research in Judaic in the museums of Ukraine. We are also looking for private sponsors, charitable foundations ready to finance this important scientific and publishing work. Proposals of nominees for the post and financial aid can be made by telephone (032)2971815, +380673715410.

Meylakh Sheykhet

Director of the Center