A Jewish coin

(Zhytomyr Regional Museum of Culture and Traditions)
The coin of the period of the 2nd revolt of Jews (2ndcentury).
Jewish coin #1
Jewish coin #2
Coin bearing Jewish signs and words dating back to 134-135. On the obverse of the coin: an amphora with a branch of the olive tree in the center with the inscription around it that means "For freedom of Israel”. On the reverse of the coin: a grape leaf with the name "Shimon” embossed around it (the name of the leader of the 2nd revolt of Jews Shimon Bar-Kokhba) and the date – 134-135. Тhe archeological expedition headed by doctor Gideon Mann discovered a lot of such coins in our days in the cave near Beitar, that was a hiding place of Bar-Kokhba.
Museum / institution
Zhytomyr Regional Museum of Culture and Traditions
Inventory number in the institution
КП 20418 Н/б 8736
Author, place of production
History, source, type and date of acquisition
In the collection since 1920.
Production period
repoussage and chasing
Religious holiday / lifecycle
daily common use
middle of I - end of I
Diameter (mm)
Preservation condition
Description of the preservation condition
Uneven edges with dents in two places, blurred impression, white stains.
no restoration needed
Current location
in storage