A Jewish coin

(Zhytomyr Regional Museum of Culture and Traditions)
The coin of the period of the 2ndrevolt of Jews (2ndcentury).
Jewish coin #1
Jewish coin #2
Coin bearing Jewish signs and words dating back to 134-135. On the obverse of the coin: a palm tree in the center with the worn out Hebrew letters. On the reverse of the coin: a grape leaf with Hebrew letters around it indicating the name of the leader of the 2ndrevolt of Jews Shimon Bar-Kokhba. The archeological expedition headed by doctor Gideon Mann discovered a lot of such coins in our days in the cave near Beitar, that was a hiding place of Bar-Kokhba.
Museum / institution
Zhytomyr Regional Museum of Culture and Traditions
Inventory number in the institution
КП 20593 Н/б 9437
Author, place of production
Production period
repoussage and chasing
Religious holiday / lifecycle
daily common use
the beginning of II - middle of II
Diameter (mm)
Preservation condition
Description of the preservation condition
The coin is scratched, has white stains, uneven edges,small crack, blurred impression.
no restoration needed
Current location
in storage