(Faina Petryakova Memorial Museum in Lviv)
ABC-book "Alef-Beis” in Hebrew with illustrations.
The children's primer #6
The children's primer #4
The children's primer #1
The children's primer #2
The children's primer #3
The children's primer #5
The book "Alef-Beis” co-authored by F. Shargorodska is a reprint of the ABC-book of 1937 published in Tel-Aviv by the publishing house "Dvir”. The book has a hard cover, contains 98 pages and numerous black-and-white illustrations to every letter of the Jewish alphabet.
Museum / institution
Faina Petryakova Memorial Museum in Lviv
Inventory number in the institution
№ 3365 F.P. НПЛ № 177 інвентарна книга № 5. Рідкісна книга.
Author, place of production
History, source, type and date of acquisition
From the private collection of Faina Petryakova, a well-known art critic. Added to the collection in 2002.
Production period
Religious holiday / lifecycle
daily common use
the beginning of XX - the beginning of XX
cardboard, paper
Dimensions, cm
width: 18.50, height: 0.80, length: 18.50
Inscriptions, marks, initials
The book belonged to E. Goldberg of Chernivtsi, who used the book in 1967.
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The book is in good condition, slightly worn.
Restoration is recommended.
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