About the Project

The main goal of this project is to create a unified database Judaica collection in the museums of Ukraine. This project has been organized in order to preserve and promote the Jewish cultural heritage of Ukraine as an integral part of the Ukrainian and World Heritage, to revive the scientific interest to the history and culture of the Jews of Ukraine, to stimulate cooperation among the Ukrainian museums and international institutions, and to introduce new technologies into the Ukrainian museums.

The project is dedicated to such important objectives as the harmonization of Ukrainian-Jewish relations, study of the cross-cultural influence of Ukrainian and Jewish societies, preservation of the historical memory of Ukraine as an Independence State.

The project is being implemented by is the Faina Petryakova Scientific Center for Judaica and Jewish Art. The Faina Petryakova Scientific Center for Judaica and Jewish Art is an independent educational and cultural non-profit organization established to preserve the past and promote the future of Jewish culture in Ukraine and abroad, by raising awareness and respect among the public in relation to the Jewish culture, including numerous historic sites, by working with museums and archives and other scientific and research institutions in Ukraine and around the world.

The Center seeks to draw attention to the problems of the destroyed synagogues, lost Jewish cemeteries and mass graves of the Holocaust, which must be properly documented, researched, honored and preserved in peace in order to pay tribute to the remains of the centuries-old culture of the Ukrainian Jewish community. 

The Faina Petryakova Scientific Center for Judaica and Jewish Art has prepared this online resource and provides methodological support in organizing, researching and promoting the study of objects of the Jewish cultural heritage in collaboration with museums and other institutions. 

For centuries, the Jewish culture has been developing in Ukraine and because of the favorable environment attained a high level of intellectual, spiritual and artistic expression. Unfortunately – due to the terrible destitution brought about by the totalitarian Nazi and Communist regimes of the last century – much of the Ukrainian Jewish heritage was destroyed. This project is intended to serve as a strong foundation for the preservation, promotion and revival of Jewish cultural heritage as an integral part of the Ukrainian and World Heritage and thus assist in the cultural and scientific development of Ukraine as modern European, democratic and independent state.